Outdoor Youth Education & Nature Programmes

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We tailor programmes & camps for youth (& adults), that engage & challenge all participants through the best learning environment – mother nature!

Catering for schools, private groups & organisations – we can design, train & facilitate your camp or programme.

Our goal is to see every individual achieve personal growth, in learning, activities, teamwork & leadership roles. Passing on tools & memories to keep for life! 

Outdoor Education Programmes

Our founding members bring over two decades of education experience from Australia, Europe, North America and Asia. Carefully crafting and delivering programmes designed for each of our customers needs. With an overall focus to immerse participants in nature, to not only cultivate an appreciation of the outdoors—but we hope the experiences we share may make a long lasting impression in their lives.

A variety of our unique strengths include certified staff with specialised training from outdoor education leaders, multilingual facilitation, an internal travel agency arranging the perfect locations, active across multiple countries in Asia and a variety of experts actively engaged in sustainable farming, creative arts, sports events management, mindfulness for youth & an ‘outdoor environment’ building team. Not to forget a professional filmographer/photographer team to capture all of the highlights and memories for family and loved ones to see!

Please explore our progressive programmes and reach out to discuss more about our ‘education in nature / Nature Therapy’ approach. Whether your needs focus on individual, team or leadership – you will find using the outdoor environment as a learning platform is a wholesome approach to teaching skills, knowledge, mindfulness and confidence all as precious tools for each recipient to develop & apply in their lives.

Youth & school outdoor nature immersion camps

LOCATIONS: Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan & China
DURATIONS: Single day activities | 2 day overnight camp | 3-5 Multi-day experiences  

Choose from our existing camps, activities and locations OR specify your specific interest and needs for a customised nature & activity camp. Specially designed to bring people out of their urban environments and learn how to appreciate the outdoors in their own way.

Participating in outdoor adventure challenges, creative and conceptual nature activities, sustainability and farming experiences, nature forest bathing and mindfulness practices. Along with specialty requests including cultural and cooking experiences, specific outdoor sports or destinations.

Ages 7-18yrs. Primary schools, high schools, universities and private / youth organisations

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Special focus programme building

LOCATIONS: Japan, Thailand, Taiwan & China
DURATIONS: Single day activities – Multiple-day Camps

One of greatest strengths comes from our creativity in outdoor education with the ability to create specialised programmes – implemented to any timeline of single day excursions, recurring sessions or multiple day camps. Backed by our travel agency department we love to localise a programme within communities, building relationships to utilise their surrounds and resources. We can design, implement, train and facilitate camps – along with designing real-world environments & facilities whether temporary or permanent.

Popular special outdoor programmes past and present include:
• English language camps – outdoor learning themes with supporting material
• Environment & Sustainability – awareness of conservation & protecting our planet
• Eco Farm-stays – invaluable exposure to where food comes from to harvest, prepare & cook
• Sports events/training – our talented team & partners stage events & training across a wide range of sports – Obstacle & Adventure races, Triathlon, Cycling, MTB, Winter Sports, Trail++
• Youth Mindfulness – introduction to awareness of self, yoga, meditation, daily rituals & insight practices that provide a base of ‘life tools’ for negotiating the world

Ages 7-18yrs. Primary schools, high schools, universities and private / youth organisations

youth navigation and orienteering

Youth, school, university outdoor skills & training

LOCATIONS: Japan – Countrywide, Thailand
DURATIONS: Short 1/2 – 1 day trainings and up to 3 days

Select from a range of our certified instructor trainings:
• Wilderness First Aid • First Aid CPR • Outdoor Survival & Bushcraft Skills
• Risk Management • Snow Safety Training • Avalanche Safety Training
• Ski & snowboard Instructor Training • MTB Instructor Training (from 16yrs+)
• Mountaineering & Hiking • Alpine Climbing • Rock Climbing
• Nature Sustainability • Re-forestation • Wildlife Rehabilitation • Eco-Farming

Certified trainings can also be allocated as part of camp & leadership programmes

Ages 11+ High school students, universities and private / youth organisations alike.

japan school ski lessons
wilderness first aid and survival

Leadership & Team Building Programmes

Japan – Nagano, Yamanashi, Shikoku, Iwate, Shizouka
Thailand – ChaAm Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chonburi, Kanchanaburi, Samut Prakarn
DURATIONS: Pre-training 3-4 days, assisted solo trip 2 days 1 night, self supported trip 3 nights & 4 days (total 8-10 days)

For those looking to run a development programme for teams and leadership roles. Whether you have a specific leadership programme or wish to select and tailor your ideas to best fit – JOI is experienced with several global leaders and able to adapt and meet their standards.

Current expedition trainings with multi-day self supported objectives include: 
• Mt Fuji Bike Packing – gravel bike cycling tour, camping & self navigation expedition
• Shikoku 88 MTB & Raft Packing – multi-sport expedition following a mountain river system
• Michi no Ku, Tohoku, Heavy Hike – Thru-trail hike along 2000kms of pacific coastline
• Nikko National Park Hike – 2 days navigation around lake & mountain loop hike
• Nakasendo, Kiso Valley, Light Hike – Multi-day hike along a historic post towns route
• Shin-Etsu Trail, Nagano, Multi-Day Trail Run – 80kms over 4 days of varying elevations
• Hachimantai, Winter Mountaineering – track 20kms on snow shoe, staying in mountain refuges
• Mizugaki to Ogawayama, rock climb – Climb & hike between Japans 2 famous climbing areas
• Yatsugatake, Alpine ascent – Alpine Style Climb & Traverse in Japan’s alpinism playground

High schools pursuing Duke of Edinburgh, Outward Bound, NOLS or respective programmes.

Japan youth leadership programmes
youth school climbing, rappelling and abseiling japan

Youth Specialty Nature & Conservation Programmes

Japan – Nagano, Yamanashi, Shikoku, Iwate, Shizouka
Thailand – ChaAm Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chonburi, Kanchanaburi, Samut Prakarn
DURATIONS: From full 1 day and recurring weekly/monthly visits

With private and government organisations we are continually searching for and developing conservation education & experience programmes:
• Forest – re-forestation planting, trail management & waterway rejuvination
• Beach – beach-combing, cleaning & recycling + re-purposing #4Ocean
• Rivers – paddling, cleaning & clearing, waterway rejuvination 
• Wildlife – Rescue & Care training, habitat nesting boxes, knowledge hikes
• Farms – Sustainable Eco-Farming & Perma-culture
• Winter – Snow eco climate-awareness, camping & knowledge hikes #POW

We wish to expand & introduce awareness of conservation to youths, passing on the message to those who will be the future ambassadors of our precious earth. Along with our affiliations – we are happy to build and pass on programmes for your interests.

Ages 5+ Primary & school students, universities and private / youth organisations alike.

japan school ski lessons

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