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Japan outdoor institute guiding and tours

We develop special taylor made tours focused on eco-friendly outdoor activities,  taking in iconic sights of Japan

Tailored guiding tours :

Your way of traveling is your very own. Go on an adventure and live an exclusive experience in harmony with your interests. Choose the mode of travel that suits you and discover our preferred spots to inspire you to compose your ideal trip.

Tours are run through our travel agency, Japan Dimension

Pilgrimages, Treks & Summits

Discovering Japan with the eyes of a pilgrim, the boots of a mountaineer, to end up standing on its highest peak and bath in the rising sun, is an experience without equal.
 Connect with the passion and spirituality behind the many forms of walking, without missing on Kyoto the fomer imperial capital, Matsumoto the quaint castle town of central Japan and Tokyo’s mind shattering megalopolis.

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