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AST 2 / 3月 2024 / 01-04 / 白馬




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AST 2 / 3月 2024 / 01-04 / 白馬

預計會進行大量的旅行計劃、閱讀天氣、在雪地上收集資訊並做出決定以適應合適的地形、更深入地瞭解雪地科學、更多地瞭解人為因素成為安全的最大焦點的真實情況,我們將把每個成員放在駕駛座上做出決定並指導團隊,並期待其他一些附加元件的一部分,如 CRS(同伴救援)技能)。 綜上所述,這也是保證4天白馬谷之旅的最便宜的方式–你將獲得可能挽救你或其他人生命的知識和技能!

值得一提的是,我們將課程限制為小組的 6 人——更願意與每位出席者深入探討,並提供質量勝於數量的培訓。 使我們能夠花時間進行更深入的討論,回答個別問題,並對主題材料提供全面的滿意和理解。

08:30 在白馬五龍咖啡館進行簡報、理論會議和演習。

請注意,當天要帶上所有旅行裝備、筆記本和筆。 還有每天的零食、食物和補水。

會議地點可能會因天氣而改變。 確切的會面地點將在課程開始前通過電子郵件發送給您。


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Do you need rental equipment?

For rental equipment please visit our friends at Hakuba Central Snowsports. You will be provided a discount code for rentals at checkout.

Clicking image link will open a new tab where you can rent your equipment

Please arrange fitting and collection of your equipment with Central Snowsports.
We suggest you do this at least the day before your first day of the course / tour.


  • If you are staying in Hakuba, Central Snowsports offer a pick up service to collect your equipment and will drop you back at your hotel afterwards.
  • For customers taking a course or tour outside of Hakuba, a member of JOI will pick up the equipment for you and bring to the meeting location where they will help set up equipment if required.
  • When organising your rental equipment please provide central snowsports the following information in the notes section of their website:


  • Stance (goofy/regular)
  • Stance width (if known, not essential)
  • Stance angles (if known, not essential)
  • If they are using their own boots, size in US
  • Preferred board length


  • If they are using their own boots, boot sole length in mm (printed on the side of the heel)
  • Preferred ski length

Please ensure you rent equipment for the required number of days

  • AST 1 : 2 days
  • AST 2 : 4 days.
  • BC Tour : 1 day or more if multiday tour.
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